Euro-African & Global Youth Work

Crossing Euro-African with Global Youth Work

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  • In 2007, after the 1st Africa-Europe Youth Summit that took place in December in Lisbon, institutions like the European Union and the Council of Europe took into consideration the recommendations that came out and started to develop instruments and to facilitate funding for a better partnership between young people from both continents.As a priority for Action 3.2 (Youth in the World) the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission promoted the development of projects and relations with partners from Africa. In 2009, ten National Youth Councils from Southern Europe and Africa came together for the first time for a long term cooperation project: “Africa-Europe National Youth Councils Training Cooperation – Strengthening Partnerships for Youth Participation through Training Strategies Development”. Partners were Portugal, Angola, Spain, Cape-Verde, Italy, Guinea-Bissau, Catalonia, Mozambique, Cyprus and Slovenia. This was a long term cooperation project – Crossing Euro-African with Global Youth Work – aiming to:develop intercultural dialogue and cooperation;

  • empower NYCs, youth organizations and youth leaders envisaging the development of a long term strategic vision of Europe-Africa youth cooperation;

  • bring Global Education to NYCs’ educational strategies as an important tool for youth work, youth participation and youth policy development, as well as youth organizations capacity-building and leadership empowerment;

  • create a space for sharing good practices;

  • empower young educators, (competences related with Non-Formal Education, Global Education and Global Youth Cooperation);

  • strengthen NYCs’ role as organisations of local, national and global youth activism and participation in decision making concerning issues relevant to youth and its contribution to cooperation and development;

  • bring together several youth cooperation regional processes and build bridges to identify common challenges, interests, to build a global agenda and define a common strategic vision.

Training For Trainers on Global Education

The Training for Trainers on Global Education took place in the framework of the 3rd African University of Youth and Development (AUYD) that will take place in Cape Verde (15-22 May 2011). The Cyprus Youth Council was represented by Anna Dalosi.

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